Cain defends himself, says he never changed story

November 1, 2011 - 9:50 AM
Cain 2012

Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain wipes his forehead before answering questions at the National Press Club in Washington, Monday, Oct., 31, 2011. Denying he sexually harassed anyone, Cain said Monday he was falsely accused in the 1990s while he was head of the National Restaurant Association, and he branded revelation of the allegations a

ATLANTA (AP) — Presidential candidate Herman Cain says he never changed his story about sexual harassment allegations against him in the 1990s.

In a Tuesday interview, Cain told Headline News that he didn't contradict himself when he said a day earlier that he was unaware of a settlement between a woman and the National Restaurant Association, where he worked at the time, over allegations against Cain. He said he was aware of an agreement, but not a settlement.

Cain says -- quote -- "So it looked like I had changed my story. I didn't change my story."

In a series of appearances Monday, Cain first insisted he was unaware of any financial arrangements between the trade association and his accuser. In an interview with PBS NewsHour later that night, Cain acknowledged he was aware of an "agreement" but not of a settlement.