Myanmar Unfinished Business

November 16, 2012 - 3:34 AM
In this photo taken on Nov. 8, 2012, Ethnic Rakhine people take refugee at a relief camp in Mrauk U, Rakhine state, western Myanmar. In the west, terrified villagers fled burning homes in an explosion of ethnic and religious violence. In the north, refugees from a civil war cower in chilly camps, desperately short on life’s basic necessities. And in dank jails, hundreds of political prisoners languish behind bars, wondering when they’ll ever be freed. This is Myanmar, the country hailed by the West for its stunning democratic transformation since last year. It still has reams of unfinished business, little of which will be seen by President Barack Obama when he becomes the first American head of state to visit the country’s pagoda-studded main city on Monday, Nov. 19, 2012.(AP Photo/Khin Maung Win)