US Africa Al-Qaida

February 1, 2013 - 5:31 AM
FILE - In this Dec. 8, 2012, file photo, Malians demonstrate in favor of an international military intervention to regain control of the country's Islamist-controlled north, in Bamako, Mali. They carry signs that say 'That's enough, let the government work' right, and 'We Malians Demand Chapter 7,' center, referring to the chapter of the United Nations Charter which would be used to authorize international military intervention. The United States has its hands tied in confronting an uptick of threats from North Africa, the world’s newest jihadist hotspot. The spread of al-Qaida-linked militants across Libya, Algeria and Mali reflects a rise in local extremists who have been emboldened since the attack last Sept. 11 on a U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, (AP Photo/Harouna Traore)