Limbaugh: 'This Is Unlike Anything I've Ever Seen in the Media'

December 3, 2013 - 3:43 PM

Rush Limbaugh said today that the way establishment news organizations are covering the problems Americans are experiencing as a result of President Barack Obama's policies "is unlike anything I've ever seen in the media in my lifetime.'

"It's almost as if the news, especially that coming from the regime, from the White House, it's just seen as entertainment for the media and the elites," said Limbaugh.

"This is one of the things that, it's been one of these lingering things in my, not the subconscious, I haven't been able to put words to it, but they're entertained by all of this.  They have no appreciation whatsoever that what this administration does actually affects people in their real lives.  A soap opera doesn't."

Referring to a piece by Andrew McCarthy in National Review--"Politics is Not a Soap Opera"--Rush said:

"You turn it on, you turn it off, you might live vicariously through it, but the show ends at some point. But it's never real, but this is. And yet, it's not covered that way. The drive-bys are entertained, they love Clinton, they love Obama, especially when they smoke us, when they smoke conservatives. It's a game, it's the way they keep themselves entertained and jazzed. And when you hear them say they love it, it's no different when you hear somebody talk about their favorite television show. And you can see that the way the media covers Obama, particularly Obama, it was bad for Clinton too, but this is unlike anything I've ever seen in the media in my lifetime."

"Applaud Obama's clever plot twists, the plot devices that Obama uses, the continuing suspense, the drama. Hell, he even attached drama to the next press conference. They attach drama to everything to keep everybody on the edges of their seats. And they're so caught up in it, the drive-bys, because they agree with it by the way, that they are not aware that what Obama actually does affects people in their real lives. And those real lives are hurting, those real lives are being adversely affected in profound ways, and they are unaware or uncaring about it. It's not part of the equation. And we're seeing this in spades in the way Obamacare is covered. It's covered, 'Will the website get fixed in time?' 'Will the White House be able to fix this website and keep the audience tuned in?' 'Will the White House be able to get it working to 80 percent?' All of this. If you put the daily news narrative and if just imagine that you're watching a soap opera, it changes your perspective on it entirely