Video: Mainstream Media Viewers Stumped on Benghazi

May 14, 2014 - 9:20 AM

Benghazi is back in the news - and liberals couldn't be more miserable about it.  The latest bombshell reportedly showed a White House effort to protect the president from the fallout.  Last week, MRCTV's Dan Joseph ventured into the liberal bastion of Washington D.C. to ask people if they knew about this new development and where they get their information.

One man said he gets his information primarily from social media.  Others got their news from the usual sources; either the local news station, Fox News, CBS, or one of the other major networks.  At the same time, no one was really abreast of the latest news about the Benghazi terrorist attack, but they were aware of it.  Also, a lot of the people that we interviewed were on vacation.