Bisexuality Advocates Aim to Lower Sexual Boundaries

July 7, 2008 - 8:02 PM

( - The push for the acceptance of bisexual behavior in schools and colleges through such activities as "Celebrate Bisexuality Day" are thinly-veiled attempts by radical homosexual activists to recruit young people into the gay lifestyle, conservative and Christian activists told

"In between the lines of the homosexual agenda is the bisexual message: you don't really love a man or a woman, you love a person. You keep hearing that, especially on college campuses. And once people have planted that idea, whether it's in women's studies or a gender-deconstructionist class, people begin to open themselves up to all kinds of alternate sexualities," Linda Harvey, publisher of Mission: America, a national Christian newsletter that monitors social issues, told

The designation by bisexual activists of September 23 as "Celebrate Bisexuality Day" is an attempt to normalize behavior that is dangerous and fraught with all kinds of complications, Christian activists said.

According to a press release by BiNet USA, which describes itself "the first and largest national Bisexual organization in the United States," Celebrate Bisexuality Day is the brainchild of three activists who wanted to challenge "the pervasive and wrongheaded notion that any one of us can be defined by the gender of our partner."

While statistics are hard to come by, youth group leaders, counselors in ex-homosexual ministries and pro-family activists report that bisexual experimentation may be one of the fastest-growing trends on college campuses.

"There's a chic associated with bisexuality," Harvey said. "A lot of articles are written about it. Celebrities talk about their bisexuality. That's the direction we're going. They're trying to sexualize every relationship."

That's why defining the issue in terms of the "gay agenda" versus heterosexuality is misleading, Harvey said.

"A more realistic way to look at it is traditional heterosexual norms versus a pan sexuality, and bisexuality is the ultimate expression of that. I think where the homosexual agenda is going is toward bisexuality, and the most astute homosexual activists know that," she said.

Analysts of the homosexual agenda agree.

"When I was in the gay lifestyle, the homosexuals hated the bisexuals," Jim Hanes, a former homosexual and administrative director of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, told

"It was either you're gay or you're not. Now they're really catering to bisexuality because they realize that's a less threatening way to get people to accept homosexuality," Hanes said.

"No one is born gay or born bisexual," Harvey said. "Even the activists are saying it doesn't matter where it comes from, we just are, they say, and we have a right to do this. So bisexual rights is really the right to free up everyone to explore every kind of sexuality."

Everybody ought to be very concerned when bisexuality is being expressed openly, she said.

"The subject of trying to figure out your sexual orientation is not just being taught in middle schools, but also in elementary schools. Bringing that whole subject up and presenting it to a middle schooler opens the door wide for bisexuality, because they don't have the grounding that adults have.

"Kids under stress, and the vast majority of adolescents are under stress, can become very introverted about their feelings and their motives, and this is one more way we're putting enormous stress on them," she said.

People should think twice before they embark on a road that will lead to pain and misery and cause many negative experiences, Harvey said.

Her advice to young people: "Not every possibility is worth exploring. Some are dangerous, and some are fraught with all kinds of complications. You are a person who was made to mate with someone of the opposite sex. All of these alternate sexualities are phony and artificial. Bisexuality is a phony way of expressing sexuality. The truth is, we are heterosexual. Despite the human tendency to go off on these silly roads, you don't have to go down this road."