Bush Opposes Law Allowing Cities and Towns to Sue Gunmakers

July 7, 2008 - 7:02 PM

(CNSNews.com) - Texas Governor George W Bush told a national television audience he does not support legislation allowing cities, towns and counties to sue gun manufacturers saying the law is not good "public policy" and would only serve to benefit "trial lawyers."

Appearing on Lifetime Television's, "Lifetime Live," a program targeted to a largely female audience, Bush such a law is "not good public policy."

"You can get a feel for my position, by looking at what I've done in office and what I've done in office was sign a bill that made it very difficult for local (Texas) municipalities to sue manufacturers of a legal product," he added.

Under Texas law, such suits, including those proposed by cities and towns, must go through the Texas Attorney General's office, which them decides if the litigation goes forward. The law was part of Bush's larger effort to curb civil lawsuits and is similar to bills supported by other GOP governors.

Asked if he was "willing to go along" with Gore, who said he does support such legislation, Bush responded, "No, I'm not at all. I think that's allowing trial lawyers to sue people as an excuse for legislation...it's not good public policy. These manufacturers are manufacturing a legal product and the interesting public policy question is, if you sue somebody for manufacturing this legal product, are you allowed to sue somebody else for manufacturing a legal product."

Asked about gun control, Bush told the Lifetime audience he approves of instant background checks and enforcement of existing gun laws, as well as requiring gunmakers to sell weapons along with trigger locks, but opposes a law mandating that locks be used, since, he said, enforcement would be very difficult.

Bush has recently made frequent appearance before largely female audiences, with whom he has discussed gun issues, health and health related topics, childcare, as well as education. The appearances have paid off in several polls, which show the governor leading Vice President Al Gore among women.