Bush Reacts to McCain Campaign 'Suspension'

July 7, 2008 - 7:25 PM

(CNSNews.com) - Texas Governor George W Bush on Thursday reacted to Arizona Senator John McCain's campaign "suspension" for the Republican presidential nomination. Bush said he was gratified by McCain's warm wishes.

"I appreciated so very much John's gracious remarks about me and my family. I appreciate so very much him passing on his good will and good wishes my way, and I thank him for that.

"I want to congratulate John for fighting a good fight. He campaigned hard for what he believes, and I appreciate so very much his willingness to enter the arena and talk about issues that were dear to his heart.

"I know the competition has made me a better candidate. I know the competition is going to help us win the White House come November.

"I also agree with John McCain about the need to reform Washington, DC. In order to reform Washington, DC, it is important to get rid of Clinton-Gore," Bush said.

There remains speculation that Bush and McCain will conduct a meeting within the next few weeks to see if McCain would consider a spot on the Republican ticket as the Vice Presidential nominee.

McCain always has maintained that the Republican Party and its platform and values remain above individual candidacy.

However, McCain's "suspension speech" on Thursday also has given rise to speculation that the Arizona lawmaker may give thought to a presidential run with a third party, possibly the Reform Party.

For the time being, with his Republican presidential candidacy on the shelf, McCain says he will immediately return to the Senate where he will continue to represent his constituents from Arizona and foster the issues he espoused throughout his national presidential campaign the last several months.