Christian Media Expert Denounces Ratings Board

July 7, 2008 - 7:02 PM

HOLLYWOOD, CA -- Stanley Kubrik's final movie, "Eyes Wide Shut," is a pornographic film that should never have received an R rating, says Dr. Ted Baehr, founder of the Christian Film & Television Commission, a religious advocacy group serving the entertainment industry.

"The Motion Picture Association of America gave the edited version of this movie an R-rating," said Baehr, "but the edited version still includes explicit scenes of graphic fornication and masturbation. The edited version itself deserves an NC-17 rating.

"I am, therefore, absolutely astonished and deeply saddened by the fact that the Los Angeles and New York film critics think that the unedited version of this pornographic movie deserves an R-rating. What are these people thinking? These misguided people have debased a magnificent art form by giving accolades to trash! No filmmaker, no matter how talented, should be so highly respected for creating pornography. The American people should rise up and voice their concerns."

Baehr called Kubrik's "voyeuristic, demonic" film "arguably the most offensive thing Mr. Kubrik has ever made."

Baehr's organization has the support of a number of Christian denominations and ministries, including the Southern Baptist Convention, National Religious Broadcasters, Campus Crusade for Christ, the Christian Broadcasting Network, Concerned Women for America, the Trinity Broadcasting Network and the U.S. Center for World Missions.

Baehr told Dan Wooding, "When Kenneth Turan, renowned film critic of the Los Angeles Times, says that he is embarrassed watching husband and wife, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, performing sex in 'Eyes Wide Shut,' we've hit a new low in the mass media of entertainment. If things have gotten so bad that even the most hardened, jaded and liberal critics in America are embarrassed, then the entertainment industry has, indeed, plummeted to a new low!"

Noting that the summer has been filled with lewd, offensive films, Baehr concluded, "Parents, the schools and the churches must confront this collapse of our culture, but they are not dealing with it. As a Christian, I'm an eternal optimist, and I know that we have victory in Christ. But, the weekly release and box office success of more and more decadent movies shows that what we are doing now is not working. Perhaps this flood of crudity will get people to take action."

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