Christian Network Exposes 'Gay Day' at Disney

July 7, 2008 - 7:02 PM

(CNS) - The Walt Disney Company, creators of Mickey Mouse and purveyors of family entertainment for over 50 years, is at the forefront of a political push for acceptance of homosexuality as normal behavior, Christian activists said Thursday at a Washington press conference.

A video shot by Christian Action Network President Martin Mawyer during the annual gay days at the Disney theme park in Orlando, Fla. - which featured Disney employees simulating anal and oral sex at a Disney nightclub - was released to members of the media and on the Internet Thursday. Disney, and gay activists, have denied that Disney promotes gay activities at its theme parks.

"Disney denies any association with Gay Day," Mawyer said. "This video proves otherwise."

The seven-minute video was shot over two nights at a Disney nightclub on Pleasure Island, without objection by Disney staff, Mawyer said. The film showed two male Disney-employed dancers on a stage as described above, and pans of the dance floor revealed grown-up, same-sex couples engaged in slow dancing and necking.

Mawyer said he cut the seven-minute video from hours of videotape taken at the event, some of which depicted more sexually-explicit scenes. If Disney refused to censure the behavior depicted in the videos - which Mawyer will send to the Southern Baptist Convention, Disney sponsors and the media - Mawyer would consider distributing the more explicit footage and call for a boycott of Disney.

"Disney has turned the beauty into a beast," Mawyer said. "I predict that religious Americans are about to turn Cinderella into a pumpkin. This homosexual debauchery will be the final straw that breaks Disney's back."

Mawyer said he would be satisfied that Disney was mending its ways if the company warned families before entering the theme parks that "Gay Day" was underway, or before families booked hotel rooms while the event was going on. Disney used to issue such warnings, but later removed them under pressure from gay activists, Mawyer said.

Disney should also forbid its employees from engaging in homosexual performances, Mawyer said, and prevent visitors from engaging in homosexual acts in the parks. Mawyer also called on Disney to refund hotel and ticket expenses to parents who showed up at theme parks unaware of "Gay Day."

"Gay Day" is a spontaneous event that has no central organization, or official Disney patronage, a gay activist told members of the media at a hastily-convened news conference after the Christian Action Network event.

"I don't believe they were Disney employees," David Smith, communications director of the Human Rights Campaign, said of the dancers depicted in the video. The goings on at the nightclub were no different than those at any club where people went to dance, Smith said. He suggested Mawyer was bluffing when he said he had more explicit video footage: "If they had anything more salacious, they would have made it available," Smith said.

"If we showed anything more salacious, we would have been arrested," Mawyer told "We were not out to present salacious material, but to show enough so that religious Americans can make up their minds about whether they want to support Disney."

Thursday's airing of the sex-video involving Disney employees was not the first instance of when the self-proclaimed family-oriented company has butted heads with religious Americans. In 1997, the Southern Baptist Convention called for a boycott of Disney, essentially for discounting Christian values in its corporate policies.

"Here you have a company that traditionally has been known for its family fare that continues to boast of being the world's largest provider of family entertainment, and yet the same company has corporate policies that are the antithesis of the traditional family," said Dwayne Hastings, communications director of the Southern Baptist Convention, in an interview with

Hastings said mail to his organization "strongly suggests that people are still aware of the boycott, supportive of the boycott, and many are joining the boycott, particularly as parents are becoming more and more aware, not only of what Disney is doing in terms of violence and sex in their movies, but whet their subsidiaries are doing."

"Disney refused to even admit that evangelical Christians had views that should be heard in the marketplace. If they had provided the forum to Christians that they provide to other special interest groups, we would not be talking about this today," Hastings said.