Clinton Says Crime Report Shows His Strategy is Working

July 7, 2008 - 7:02 PM

( - President Clinton, in a statement responding to the 1998 Uniform Crime Report, cited his administration's anti-crime strategy as proof that America's streets are becoming safer and America's communities are becoming stronger.

The FBI report shows the overall crime rate in every region of the country declined for the seventh year in a row.Clinton said the decline is "good news for America's families, and it shows we can indeed turn the tide on crime."

Clinton believes his administration's anti-crime strategy led to the overall crime decline. "My administration's strategy of 100,000 more police, fewer guns in the hands of criminals thanks to the Brady Law, and more tools for communities to combat crime is working to make our streets safer and our communities stronger. But tragedies from Littleton to Los Angeles show that we must do more to protect our communities from gun violence," the President said.

Clinton called on Americans not to let down their guard against crime, even though the crime rate is decreasing. "We must redouble our efforts to build on what works, by fully funding our COPS program to put more police on the street, and by passing common sense gun legislation to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Together, we can make America the safest big nation in the world."

The FBI report did not explain exactly why crime is falling, but experts theorize that the strong US economy, better policing methods, the dwindling of the crack cocaine epidemic and even demographics, may all have something to do with it.