Colin Powell Says 'No' To VP Spot on GOP Ticket

July 7, 2008 - 7:25 PM

( - Retired General Colin Powell has ruled out a run for the vice presidency only hours before Arizona Senator John McCain insisted he would not seek the office. McCain's statement was a reaffirmation of previous statements.

Powell's comments came during a broadcast at the Washington, DC headquarters of the Reserve Officers Association during which he insisted that he gave the idea "the greatest consideration you can give to an issue."

"You have to have a certain feeling for it, a commitment, a passion," said the former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman. "If I said I had it, I wouldn't have been honest to myself. I wouldn't have been honest to the American people...I have no desire for political office."

Powell made a similar declaration in 1995 and remained loyal to it.

Despite his unwillingness to consider an elective office, Powell did not preclude the possibility of serving in a cabinet offering.

"Any president that comes to you and says, 'I need your help and would you be interested in performing this job', you have to see whether or not it's something you feel you can do for the president...whether or not you say yes is another matter, but you have to consider it," Powell explained.

Powell, now 62, has been mentioned as a candidate for both secretary of state and secretary of defense, although he has never indicated where his interests lie.