Conservatives Condemn Fetal Research

July 7, 2008 - 8:02 PM

Arlington, VA ( - Almost seven years to the day since President Clinton signed an executive memo allowing fetal tissue research, conservative panelists at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) blasted the procedure as barbaric, and predicted the practice would prove to be the final straw that will lead to the outlawing of abortion in the United States.

"This is the crack in the abortion industry that will signal the end of the abortion industry," said Senator Bob Smith (R-NH).

The downside of the steady decline of abortions in the United States is that abortion providers are turning more and more to this practice to make money, Smith said.

"Clinics are closing because they can't find doctors," Smith said.

Proponents of the procedure they term as fetal tissue research is being carried out to find cures for diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. The NIH and Planned Parenthood have maintained that the harvesting of fetal tissue is vital to finding a cure for numerous diseases.

"There is a 'mad scientist' element in this," said panel moderator Andrea Sheldon Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition. She said researchers are sewing baby parts onto primates.

"The pro-life message has been successful to the extent that 27 years since Roe v. Wade abortion is still considered to be a 'dirty word' among doctors. It is the dark side of medicine," Smith said.

If you don't speak out about it, you aren't going to end abortion, Smith said. "We wouldn't have ended slavery unless Lincoln had spoken out against it."

He went on to say that on February 10 there will be hearings in the Senate on fetal tissue research and predicted there will be some very emotional testimony given. Live births aren't just occurring, they are encouraged, Smith said.

Smith told of a witness who recounted the intentional drowning of twins who were still moving after they were aborted. Witnesses will reportedly testify of live births that have occurred and that they have seen the babies killed outside the womb.

"If you think that is an anomaly, you're wrong," said Smith. "They [abortion clinics] are losing money and now they are turning to this."

He called on voters to pressure representatives to vote pro-life. "Don't let them get away with saying they are pro-life if they are not going to support pro-life legislation," Smith said.

Smith also condemned the policy of forced abortions in China. He told the story of a Chinese woman who came to his office and told him of having to face a scheduled abortion when she returned to China. Smith was able to save the woman from having to return to China.