Detroit Paramedics Arrested For Robbery

July 7, 2008 - 8:02 PM

( Detroit Police on Thursday said two city of Detroit paramedics were arrested after they were caught robbing a city police officer who was posing undercover as an unconscious patient.

The arrests came after police received numerous complaints from citizens about being robbed by emergency medical technicians who were responding to calls for help.

Many residents told police they had suffered heart attacks or strokes and were unconscious when they were robbed. Residents also said that sometimes Emergency Medical Service (EMS) workers would steal money or valuables that were on the person the technicians supposedly were helping. In other cases, the paramedics would search a patient's home for loot.

Those complaints prompted the Detroit police to set up a "sting" operation on the city's east side.

Detroit Police Inspector Richard Shelby said on Thursday that police investigators made a 911 call, reporting an unconscious man was slumped over his car's steering wheel. The two EMS employees dispatched to the scene were videotaped taking $300 from the man's wallet that was located on the car's front seat.

Shelby also said those two EMS employees were arrested and face robbery charges. More arrests are expected as police continue their crackdown.

Gary Kelly, chief of operations for Detroit's Emergency Medical Service, said the two men have not been suspended yet.

"Both men are still working pending the outcome of the investigation. However, they are not responding to medical runs," Kelly said.