Dr. Laura Receives Death Threats for Views on Homosexuality

July 7, 2008 - 7:02 PM

(CNSNews.com) - Dr. Laura Schlesinger, whose radio show reaches an estimated 20 million people through 500 stations in the United States and Canada, says she has received death threats for speaking out against gay marriage and describing homosexuality as a deviant sexual orientation.

"Does my opposition to homosexual marriage and my advocacy of reparative therapy make me a bigot? No. But, because of my millions of radio listeners, my beliefs make me a threat to the radical goals of homosexual activists, who send me hate mail and death threats.

"To my way of thinking, their well-organized campaign against my freedom of speech is rhetorical thuggery at best and religious persecution at worst," Schlesinger wrote in a recent column.

Homosexual activist groups are mounting a campaign to get Schlesinger to change her tune, particularly her favorable comments on reparative therapy, a behavior modification program that challenges the thesis that homosexual behavior can't be changed.

"I have said that from the many testimonials I have received from homosexuals, reparative therapy apparently is successful with those people who wish to change. I have never suggested that it is something all homosexuals should do," Schlesinger said in response to questions from The Advocate, a homosexual magazine.

"I don't know of any gay person who has gotten a death threat attributed to anything I said on the air. But I have gotten them based on the misrepresentation of my views by activists," she added.

Paramount Television, which is developing a syndicated TV show with Schlesinger to air in the fall, is scheduled to meet Monday with members of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), a homosexual activist group opposed to Schlesinger, to hear their concerns.

Paramount reportedly already has signed up 85 percent of the country's TV markets for the hour-long program, which will have a studio audience.

Michelle Hunt, a spokeswoman for Paramount, told CNSNews.com she had no comment on the agenda of the meeting between GLAAD and Paramount. The Schlesinger show was "in progress," she said.

Homosexual rights groups have said they are concerned that Schlesinger's position may contribute to a negative image of homosexuality. A spokeswoman for GLAAD has been quoted as saying homosexual groups "have made many efforts to educate Dr. Laura" but "found her to be impervious to reason."

Schlesinger, who told The Advocate she includes homosexuals among her closest friends and business associates, challenges "the rise of the radical gay and lesbian agenda, which falsely purports to represent the views of all homosexuals."

"They brand anyone who disagrees with this as a homophobe and a hate-speaker, and they use these epithets to frighten and intimidate people who oppose them on perfectly legitimate moral grounds," she said.