Dr. Laura: Sept. 11 Brought Back Permanent American Values

July 7, 2008 - 8:03 PM

Arlington, Va. (CNSNews.com) - After Sept. 11, Americans returned to permanent truths they had earlier tossed aside, says Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

Those permanent truths include the reality of evil, the value of family, the importance of religion, and patriotism, Schlessinger told a gathering of conservatives on Thursday evening.

In her speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference, Dr. Laura -- as she is known to millions of people who listen to her syndicated radio show -- said, "Too many Americans are ready for change, especially change in [morals]."

Schlessinger pointed out that certain American "eternal values" cast aside during the 1960s created a social climate described by President Bush in his State of the Union addresss as "if it feels good, do it."

According to Schlessinger, there are ten truths that don't change: evil, judgment, goodness, community, sacrifice, heroism, love, family, God and country."

Schlessinger said that on Sept. 11, Americans were forced to confront the fact that there is real evil in the world.

"At one time it was fashionable to scoff at evil," Schlessinger said. "But on Sept. 11, there was simply no other word for what had happened. Evil made a comeback."

She noted that passengers on the doomed planes called family and loved ones when they realized they were going to die. "Sacrifice and heroism are enduring values [and they] were the immediate response of Americans to evil, and they had to re-learn the value of love and family, two unchanging eternal truths," Schlessinger said.

"We discovered anew what man has known since God created Eve, that family is everything, and that when we are faced with foreknowledge our impending deaths, the first and last things we do is reach out and love the most important people in our lives," she said.

Schlessinger also said that after years of Americans falling away from religion, Sept. 11 reawakened them to the presence of God and their need for faith.

"God rose out of the ashes of Sept. 11 in a nation that had done it's best to drive religion from the public square," Schlessinger said. "But suddenly they flocked to churches everywhere, and all of the sudden they remembered that America was founded by people seeking not just freedom, but freedom to worship God in their own way."

She added that patriotism has been "more tarnished and trashed than all the other values," but that on Sept. 11, "we looked to the military as a frightened...and grateful nation."

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