Family Group Threatens to Sue Homosexual Activists Over Day of Silence

July 7, 2008 - 8:03 PM

( - A pro-family group is threatening to sue a homosexual advocacy group that is calling on students to observe a "Day of Silence" to promote homosexuality in America's schools Wednesday.

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), is asking students to recognize and protest the plight of homosexual students by taking a vow of silence, even compiling a list of teachers, students and administrators who might oppose their efforts.

"This is an assault on our school system by terrorists," said Rabbi David Eidensohn, director of the National Non-Sectarian Council of Pro-Family Activists.

"The financial damage due to lost school time throughout the country will be enormous. We cannot, however, talk about money alone. The disruption of a school atmosphere, especially towards the end of the year, when discipline in schools is a challenge, could kill a year of learning for many students," Rabbi Eidensohn said.

"Precisely when students should be concentrating on finals, they are told by GLSEN homosexual activists to refuse to speak in class and to disrupt school with activism. Students who should be learning to get along with others are making a 'hit list' of teachers and students who are biblical or who refuse the homosexual agenda," he said.

Rabbi Eidensohn called on religious groups to immediately file for court orders of protection for children of "biblical inclinations" to protect them from "hate groups" who sponsor the Day of Silence.

"We must sue them immediately. We must demand compensation for every nickel of taxpayer money that was lost because of their campaign of agitation against the lawful school system," he concluded. "We must claim damages in lowered earning skills for all students who could not learn because of the homosexual activists and their disturbances."

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