Family Groups Come to Defense of Dr. Laura

July 7, 2008 - 8:02 PM

( - Days after a coalition of 1,250 Christian broadcasters voiced support for Dr. Laura Schlessinger's outspoken comments on homosexuality, a prominent family advocacy group has taken out a full-page advertisement in a national newspaper applauding Schlessinger "for courageously speaking the truth."

Responding to efforts by homosexual activists to quash a TV version of the popular talk show host's radio broadcast, the Washington-based Family Research Council took out a full-page ad in Monday's Washington Times titled, "The Thought Police Are Out to Silence Dr. Laura."

Last month the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) called on Paramount to cancel its plans to launch a special TV show featuring Schlessinger in September. Paramount has refused to change its plan.

The FRC ad praised Schlessinger "for courageously speaking the truth about immoral, unhealthy, and dangerous aspects of homosexuality, and the hope afforded by the ex-gay movement."

Schlessinger's views have prompted homosexual activists to launch a "no-holds-barred campaign to silence Dr. Laura," the FRC said.

Threats by activists forced Schlessinger to cancel numerous public appointments, including a birthday party in Dearborn, Michigan for 1,000 supporters who had donated to Schlessinger's foundation to aid abused and disabled children.

In a letter to Paramount Television, Brandt Gustavson, president of the National Religious Broadcasters, said, "To say Paramount should silence Dr. Laura for her lack of 'tolerance' is on its face intolerant. Such twisted logic should be rejected as laughable and the issue put to rest."

Schlessinger's critics say she is "homophobic" and "intolerant" and not qualified to speak on reparative therapy, which Schlessinger has said can benefit homosexuals who want to change their orientation. A national homosexual rights group told the talk show host's opponents want to send a message to media outlets around the country that there's a price to pay for "giving an audience to people with such extreme views" as Schlessinger's.

No one should take away Schlessinger's right to free speech, said Kevin Ivers, director of public affairs for the Log Cabin Republicans, "but no critic who thinks her point of view should not be out there should give her anymore publicity than she's already getting, which is only going to strengthen her hand for this TV show."

Robert Knight, the senior director of cultural studies at the FRC, told the biggest threat Schlessinger poses to homosexual activists "is her acceptance of the fact that people can change and leave homosexuality, and that people aren't born that way.

"At the heart of the gay agenda is the assumption that engaging in homosexuality is just like being black or white or Hispanic. That drives the rhetoric for gay special rights, gay marriage, you name it," he said.

When people learn this is not the case and that people in fact have been seduced into homosexuality and some have been able to leave it, the central tenet of homosexual activism falls apart, Knight said.

Polls show that people who believe homosexuality is innate and cannot be changed are far more likely to support the homosexual political agenda.

"Dr. Laura is a huge threat because she reaches a mainstream audience that ordinarily is denied an opposing view on this thorny topic. They tend to hear and see only the pro-gay view, which dominates mainstream media.

"When there is time to get the truth out, the pro-family side almost always wins. The homosexual activists tend to prevail when they commandeer the courts or engineer a political victory independent of the will of the people. In Hawaii, Washington state, Maine and now in Vermont, people have rallied to resist what appeared to be a sure victory for homosexual activists. It just takes time to educate people in spite of a media fog surrounding the issue," he said.