Fired Columnist Ann Coulter Finds New Job

July 7, 2008 - 7:03 PM

( Controversial columnist Ann Coulter has a new job after being fired from National Review Online for suggesting that the U.S. should invade the countries harboring Islamic terrorists, "kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity."

Coulter has been hired by conservative publisher and commentator David Horowitz, who runs Wednesday, Horowitz described Coulter as "distinguished ... articulate" and "forceful" in welcoming her to his website and said her dismissal from National Review Online was an example of "[Politically Correct] McCarthyism."

"We've reached the state of political lunacy," Horowitz said. "People who talk in public are like are like anybody else who talks ... you lose the discipline of where you are and you say things -- you make a careless formulation. You say things out of anger that you would like to take back. We can't in America be hanging people for isolated remarks."

In another column for National Review Online, Coulter had also urged airport officials to scrutinize "any suspicious-looking swarthy males." However, Horowitz called that remark and others by Coulter "tongue-in-cheek," adding that the terrorist attacks of September 11 have made it more difficult for people to speak their minds.

"Our country has been attacked ... emotions are high," Horowitz said. "Some remarks which people would ignore at other times, they're hyper-sensitive to now, but those of us who are in the media have to take a deep breath."

Horowitz also defended recent remarks made by Bill Maher, host of ABC's "Politically Incorrect" - even though, according to Horowitz, the comments were "so nasty toward conservatives and Republicans."

As for Coulter's remarks about religion in general and Christianity in particular, Horowitz said he's sure she wasn't serious.

"I'm a Jew. She's happy to be on my website. If she was serious about that remark, she couldn't be happy about that," Horowitz said.