Former Man Says She Has No 'Automatic Advantage' Over Female Fighters

March 11, 2013 - 2:17 PM

Fallon Fox

Transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox

( – Mixed martial arts fighter Fallon Fox, who was born a male and had a sex change to become a woman, said she doesn’t believe she has “an automatic advantage over other female MMA fighters.”

“Some people believe I have an automatic advantage over other female MMA fighters, so they think ‘well she has to be stronger, because she used to be a male,’ but if they look into the science of it and what the hormones do to the body, to the male body once taken over a period of time…it dissipates. That’s what they found, which is one of the reasons why the IOC the International Olympic Committee has allowed post-operative trans people to participate in the Olympics,” Fallon said in a documentary currently in production.

In her last fight, Fallon dropped her opponent, Ericka Newsome, in 39 seconds with a knee to the face and is undefeated.