Gay-Straight Club to Meet at Calif. High School

July 7, 2008 - 8:02 PM

Orange, California ( - El Modena High School's Gay-Straight Alliance Club is scheduled to meet Wednesday as school administrators try to find the people who posted fliers showing two nearly-nude men embracing.

The fliers, which were stuffed into the lockers of some students, contained the school's penciled-in phone number along with the message: "Come on El Mo, Don't be shy! Your either gay or you're bi!"

"We are investigating the incident," said Judy Frutig of the Orange Unified School District. "At this point, it will be hard to track down the source of the fliers"

Officials believe someone other than an El Modena student distributed them, since the fliers make fun of everybody in that school, she said.

The controversy dates back to September, when two students, Anthony Colin, 15, and Heather Zetin, 16, requested permission for their "homosexual tolerance" club to meet on campus. The board put off their request, prompting the students to file a federal lawsuit in November, accusing the school board of discrimination and violating their free-speech rights.

In December, the school board voted unanimously not to allow the club.

In court papers, attorneys for the school district said the club was disallowed because it covers issues taught in the sex education curriculum. The district said it would reconsider the club if it changed its name and refrained from discussing human sexuality topics.

Last Friday, U.S. District Judge David Carter issued a preliminary injunction ordering the district to allow the club to meet on campus until a final ruling comes down in the case.

Colin and Zetin say their Gay-Straight Alliance Club is meant as a forum for students to discuss discrimination and tolerance, but critics say it's a vehicle for promoting homosexuality among students who may be confused about their emerging sexuality.