Group Threatens Legal Action Over High School 'Sex' Assembly

July 7, 2008 - 7:03 PM

( - A legal defense organization is threatening legal action against a California high school after students were forced to attend a "Sex and Stuff" assembly, against the wishes of their parents.

Parents of students at Santa Rosa High School returned "opt-out" forms to the school, specifically requesting that their children be excluded from activities scheduled as part of a so-called "Week of Diversity."

The parents were given a schedule of the seminars during the week, but that schedule did not mention the general assembly or its content, according to Attorney Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute.

He said his organization sees the incident as a "serious violation of the rights and trust of parents."

The Institute is working with some of the parents to help them draft administrative complaints, "and then from there, as the parents request, we'll then move ahead and file if necessary in state or federal court," Dacus said.

"The key here is to make sure that this school district and other school districts throughout California, the West Coast and the nation, learn very quickly that whenever the rights of parents are undermined in such a grotesque, outrageous way as it has happened in this matter, that they will be held accountable for their actions and there will be a price to be paid," he said.

Dacus added, "This is not the kind of matter that we are willing to simply accept a 'Golly, gee, we're sorry. We'll try to never let it happen again.' That's not good enough when we're talking about the severity of what happened to the students as well as to the rights of parents."

According to Dacus the assembly included vulgar, inappropriate sex scenes and it recommended various sex acts as an alternative to intercourse instead of abstinence. Other topics included sexual molestation, rape, unwanted pregnancy and the HIV virus.

"For example, one event that took place was the simulation of sex between two individuals behind a sheet, and so they were acting it out as if they were actually having sex," Dacus said. "But the bottom line is that it was conduct that was totally out of line and uncalled for."

As far as the school district's response to the incident, Dacus said he was told the superintendent was "investigating the matter."

Calls to Santa Rosa High School and the superintendent's office were not returned at press time because of spring break.