House Committee to Investigate Selling of Aborted Baby Parts

July 7, 2008 - 7:25 PM

( - The House Commerce Committee will hold hearings Thursday afternoon to investigate the baby "body part" industry and in particular how it is buying and selling individual organs or whole cadavers of aborted babies for use in medical experiments.

Some committee members had requested the hearing be closed to the public but a committee spokesman told the hearing will be open.

Several pro-family groups are calling on Congress to take legal action and prohibit the selling of body parts from aborted babies.

"Most Americans would agree that they don't support the way the baby body parts industry is operating," Rita Thompson, spokesperson for Concerned Women of America, told "We think that the industry of [selling] baby body parts and the abortion industry are working together. It could cause a very, very dangerous trend."

Thompson added that the selling of aborted baby parts is a "moral issue" facing American and one that must be controlled to prevent collaboration from happening between the abortion industry and the selling of body parts.

"You have to have controls on this kind of cooperation together because it is very easy [for collaboration to happen]. We have seen things go out of bounds and out of whack, very, very easily. This is something that should never have creeped into our society," said Thompson.

Thompson said the prohibition of the selling of aborted baby body parts will not hinder medical research as the abortion providers contend.

"It is very important that the public understands what is going on in this industry. Research is something that everybody understands and they agree with and they don't want to hinder legitimate research. But they certainly don't want baby body parts being factored through the United States," Thompson said.