Jesse Jackson and Ashley Judd: John McCain Feared Debate

September 26, 2008 - 3:51 PM
The Rev. Jesse Jackson and actress Ashley Judd&nbsp;said the believe&nbsp;Sen. John McCain stalled on following through with tonight's presidential debate out of fear.<br /> <br />
( - In an interview with, the Rev. Jesse Jackson suggested that Sen. John McCain stalled on following through with tonight’s presidential debate out of fear of facing Sen. Barack Obama.  Hollywood actress Ashley Judd expressed a similar view.

“I think that’s fear,” Jackson said Thursday evening when asked why McCain had raised the possibility of postponing the debate. “McCain is behind and he’s trying to call timeout to get his second wind.”
“The debate should go on because we know what has caused this crisis--anti-regulation, anti-transparency, anti-enforcement of fair lending laws has created this crisis and so clearly, Reagan and Bush and McCain are on one side of this equation. Barack’s on the other side and so is the American people,” said Jackson.

Actress Ashley Judd, who recently campaigned in Missouri on behalf of Obama, also suggested McCain had wanted to stall the debate out of fear.

“One of the things I most frequently heard from undecided voters is that they were going to base their voting decision on the debates,” Judd told  “So, I don’t know if Senator McCain is aware of that and if he is a little afraid of not being able to swing those undecided’s and watching them go to Obama, because really I don’t think McCain has a lot to offer our country.”

Judd said McCain was using a “misleading tactic” in saying he wanted to return to Congress to work on the financial industry bailout.

“He has voted with President Bush 90% of the time. He’s far from a maverick and I think his voting record in Congress, I don’t remember the exact number of months, but he’s only been present for one vote, so why all of the sudden does he care now?” said Judd. “And I think that that’s a pretty misleading tactic on his on his part.”

Jackson and Judd were both attending the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City.