Labor Department Announces Grants For Welfare To Work Solutions

July 7, 2008 - 7:02 PM

( - A total of 64 welfare to work grants numbering $222 million were announced Tuesday by the Labor Department. Officials say the projects will help the hardest to employ welfare recipients develop the skills and the work experience they will need in order to find and keep jobs.

Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman said "the competitive grants encourage communities to build partnerships and be innovative in their approach to helping welfare recipients become employed." Herman went on to say, "the money may be used for support services such as child care and transportation which can make all the difference for some welfare recipients."

Labor Department officials in making the grant announcement, said the grants are for projects which target specific categories of recipients or providers. The recipient categories, labor department officials say, include non-custodial parents, participants with disabilities, people with substance abuse, people living in rural areas or in empowerment zones and enterprise communities. Other categories include victims of domestic violence, people with limited English proficiency and Native Americans.

The latest grants, according to Labor Department officials, represent the third round of a two year, $711.5 million grant competition which seeks to encourage communities to develop new, results oriented ways to help long term welfare recipients get into the job market.