Libertarians: Gun Control Impedes Fight against Terrorists

July 7, 2008 - 8:03 PM

( - The Libertarian Party agrees with an anti-gun group on one point: Both groups say the federal government hasn't done enough about gun laws.

While the Libertarians went to repeal all gun laws, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence says lawmakers need to pass more of them.

On Wednesday, the Libertarian Party urged lawmakers of all stripes to repeal "burdensome" gun control laws that hinder Americans in their fight against terrorists. The party believes current gun control laws are leaving many Americans defenseless.

"More Americans are beginning to realize the Second Amendment is not some fossilized remnant of a frontier nation, but a practical solution to the 21\super st\nosupersub century problem of terrorism," said Steve Dasbach, the Libertarian Party's national director.

"Unfortunately," Dasbach said, " there are over 21,000 laws that limit the right of Americans to purchase or carry guns, leaving millions of individuals at risk."

The Libertarians quoted various media reports as proof that gun sales have increased among all demographic groups, especially women, after the September 11th attacks. Politicians should take notice, Dasbach said, and immediately start repealing laws that prohibit law-abiding Americans from buying and carrying guns to protect themselves and their families.

Dasbach also believes Americans are finally beginning to realize the government can't always protect its citizens.

"Americans understand they must take personal responsibility for their own safety. That's why we're seeing such a surge in gun sales, especially to vulnerable demographic groups, like women," he said.

Dasbach added that, "September 11 was a wake-up call that Americans are vulnerable to terrorists."

At the same time, the Brady Campaign, a leading gun control group, is complaining about Washington's failure to tighten the nation's gun laws.

The Brady campaign was particularly critical of the fact that the anti-terrorism bill President Bush signed last week failed to address what it called "weak federal firearm laws that terrorists exploit to stockpile their deadly weapons."

According to Michael Barnes, president of the Brady Campaign, terrorists in the past have purchased firearms in the U.S. at gun shows and in other unregulated sales. "With small changes in federal law, we could make it harder for terrorists to get firearms," he said.

Barnes wants Congress to pass a law that would allow federal law enforcement agencies to keep a permanent record of every firearm sale.