Miami Man Goes on Deadly Weekend Shooting Spree

July 7, 2008 - 7:02 PM

( - A 19-year-old man went on a bloody weekend rampage, wounding three people and killing two others plus himself in a series of attacks that stretched over at least 12 hours and across the Miami metropolitan area.

Wire service reports say that, in addition to the shootings, a bomb was found in a car that Jonathan Erik Carter abandoned before he shot himself.

Police said the four separate attacks that occurred over a distance of about 20 miles, from downtown Miami to the southwest suburb of Kendall, may have been fueled by holiday depression, unrequited love and a friend's betrayal.

Carter's family and friends would not comment beyond a written statement: "We can only assume that his inner turmoil became too much for him to bear and he lost all sense of reason."

Because the attacks were so widely separated in time and distance, police did not immediately know they were all linked. Ballistics tests finally showed the connection, Miami-Dade Detective Rudy Espinosa said.

Carter had a lengthy arrest record for charges that included carrying a concealed weapon.

The first attack took place around 1 p.m. on Sunday at the home of the Rev. H. Keith Blakely. The minister was standing in the front yard when Carter walked past him, knocked on the front door, entered the house and opened fire. The minister's daughter, Angela, escaped out a back door but her father was killed when he rushed into the house and her 78-year-old grandparents, visiting from Texas, were wounded.

Angela, 19, had refused to date Carter and had not seen him in more than a year, Miami-Dade police Lt. Pat Brickman said on Tuesday.

Within the next four hours, police said, Carter shot a former friend, 19-year-old Jonathon Lott, at his home about four miles away. Lott's family found his body around 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Lott had once helped police track down Carter. According to a February 28, 1998, police report, while the two youths were questioned by an officer investigating a report of suspicious people in a neighborhood, Carter elbowed the officer in the chest and ran away. Lott gave police information on where to find Carter.

After Lott was killed, police said, Carter drove to the downtown Miami-Dade County Jail and at 11:45 p.m. opened fire on two uniformed officers outside the building. Cpl. Kimberly Richardson, 37, was wounded in the hand and buttocks. Carter had been jailed several times since 1997, but authorities weren't sure if he knew Richardson or if she was attacked at random.

Sometime after the jail attack, Carter shot himself in the head. His body was found at 8:15 a.m. on Monday in the bathtub of a house under construction in Perrine, about 20 miles south of the jail.

"We knew who shot the Blakelys because the daughter told us, so we knew who we were looking for early on,"' said Espinosa. "It wasn't until we found his body the next morning that we started putting everything together."

The car that Carter had been driving was found at a nearby apartment complex. Police said a bomb was found inside and was destroyed by the bomb squad.