Michigan Soccer Team Defeated By Cuba

July 7, 2008 - 8:02 PM

(CNSNews.com) - The Andover High School soccer team from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan was defeated 3-1 Wednesday in its second of four scheduled games against a Cuban team in Havana.

Before the game, during a tour of the University of Havana campus, the Americans were treated to a passionate defense of the Cuban government and the country's way of life.

Many of the Michigan high school athletes expected the Cubans to question them, but they said they were surprised at how passionately the Cubans defended their government leaders.

One Andover student, Justin Singer, told the Detroit News, "We tried to explain to them that in the US, as doctors, they could make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here, the cab drivers in the tourist areas make more money from tips than doctors make. But they really think that is the right way to be. It's hard to understand," he said.

Many of the university students who talked in small groups with the Andover students are members of Communist Party youth groups.

Ben Falik, another Andover student, asked the Cubans if dissent from President Fidel Castro's regime is allowed on the University of Havana campus. In response, a Cuban law student said, "There is no reason to oppose Castro's rule."