Monica's Father Wants Apology From NBC

July 7, 2008 - 7:02 PM

( - A description of an sex act as a "Lewinsky" on NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has gotten Monica Lewinsky's father, Dr. Bernard Lewinsky upset at the television network and he is demanding an apology.

During last week's episode of the NBC drama, a character described an oral sex act as "getting a Lewinsky." It was his daughter Monica who had her sexual relationship with President Clinton made public and he said he now is afraid her name might become an acceptable television moniker for any oral sex act.

Dr. Lewinsky is demanding an apology from Law& Order producer Dick Wolf, Universal Television and NBC, along with a promise to cease and desist. Lewinsky said, "The point behind my outrage is that there is a family behind this name, and I think it's disgusting they would even consider saying something like that." He also said, "Why don't they say he got a Clinton job, rather than use my name, and see how the White House responds to that?"

Since the affair with Clinton was made public, the two have been the object of television jokes in such programs like the Tonight show with Jay Leno and NBC's "Saturday Night Live" skits. Her father thinks making his family name a lewd lexicon as going too far.

"There are probably millions of executives and presidents and CEO's that have been so serviced, if you want to call it that, and there's no need to label that act by something brought to the media by Linda Tripp," Dr. Lewinsky said.

Dr. Lewinsky also vowed possible legal recourse. "They need to be put on notice here, even if I have to get legal counsel, they can't use my name and imply and assume that it's OK with me. I deserve an apology and so does Monica. It's not right she be dragged down to the floor again," he said.

Wolf had no comment on the Lewinsky matter.