Nancy Reagan Not Commenting On Morris Biography

July 7, 2008 - 7:02 PM

( - Former First Lady Nancy Reagan is not commenting on a new biography written about her husband President Ronald Reagan entitled "Dutch" by Edmund Morris. The book is expected to be available in bookstores on Thursday.

Mrs. Reagan's press secretary Joanne Drake told, " Mrs. Reagan's reaction is that she has no comment."

In a statement from Sacramento, California, released to, Reagan's daughter Maureen said, "having read Newsweek and heard the interviews, I have decided that I have read all the fiction about Ronald Reagan I intend to read, so I think I will pass on this book."

Maureen Reagan went on to say, " I suspect when all is said and done, given the unprecedented access graciously provided the author, the American people will conclude that the author wasted an incredible and irreplaceable opportunity."

Reagan's son, according to a spokesperson for the Michael Reagan radio talk show says he (Michael Reagan) has not read the book yet and will not comment on it.