Newspaper Roundup for Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6, 2009 - 7:05 AM
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Boston Globe:
Nantucket Sound may get historic designation, delaying wind farm approval
Body of water deemed to have 'cultural significance' for two Native American tribes
Palm Beach Post:
ACLU sues Palm Beach County over 'woeful graduation rate'
Blasts failure of Florida's education policies

Supreme Court query puts Janet Napolitano on the spot
Court considers Arizona’s attempt to force employers to verify workers' immigration status
Washington Post:
Suspect, devout Muslim from Va., wanted Army discharge, aunt said
Washington Post:
Fort Hood leads Army posts in number of suicides since Iraq invasion

Fox News:
Cousin Says Suspected Fort Hood Gunman Feared Impending War Deployment
Washington Times:
Rare virus poses new threat to troops
Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever transmitted by ticks
Washington Post/AP:
Health reform bill allows for Hawaii to opt out
Tea Partiers descend on Capitol
Washington Post:
Democrats wary of health-bill defections
Immigration and abortion issues could cost party crucial votes
Boston Globe:
Drug use called epidemic in Mass.
OxyContin, heroin imperil public health Commission seeks help for addicts
Washington Times:
Contrite Obama allocates $3 billion to Indian tribes
Fox News:
White House Defends Its Response to H1N1 Outbreak
Arizona Republic:
Thieves steal truck with H1N1 vaccine in Milwaukee
Washington Post:
Honor the rules, CDC tells vendors of H1N1 vaccine
Some worry priority is not being given to at-risk groups
Washington Times:
U.S. trials OK'd for 9/11 suspects
Senate allows transfer to U.S.
Denver Post:
Denver Archbishop Chaput says promises were broken on abortion
Washington Times:
N.Y. bill would protect patients with high-cost insurance claims
Houston Chronicle:
Senate votes to restore NASA funding that House cut
Giving Obama all he asked for: $4 billion to build cutting-edge spacecraft
Fox News:
Petition Calls for NFL Running Back to Be Sacked After Gay Slurs
Boston Globe:
State gun storage law is argued before SJC
Los Angeles Times:
California Legislature tries to block steep pay cuts, perks
Washington Times:
Backlash feared from sex trial of federal air marshal
Official fears reaction from host countries
Houston Chronicle/AP:
Bible plays role in case of condemned E. Texas killer
Boston Globe:
UMass-Amherst cancels talk by ex-radical leader

New Jersey Star-Ledger/AP:
Deportation case of N.J. Muslim cleric is sent back to immigration judge for rehearing

New Jersey Star-Ledger/AP:
Newark students design ornaments depicting American landmarks for White House Christmas tree
San Francisco Chronicle/AP:
Winfrey takes gospel singer off her show
Pending resolution of assault charges involving wife
New York Times:
Grand Plans for Rail in Denver Hit a Wall of Fiscal Realities
Arizona Republic:
Citizenship question will not be added to 2010 census