Newspaper Roundup for Mar. 26, 2009

March 26, 2009 - 6:06 AM
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Washington Times:
Geithner gaffe roils markets
'Open' view to world currency recanted
USA Today:
More companies cut or end 401(k) plan matches
Washington Times:
Dem ties help establish 'pork park' in New Jersey
Lands bill designates site

Washington Post:
A Growing Chorus on the Hill Questions the Fed's Decisions
Lawmakers Could Delay Expansion of Bank's Powers
Washington Post:
Obama Tries to Unite Democrats On Budget Plan
House, Senate Want Stronger Deficit Relief
Dems vs. Dems: Liberals object to moderates slowing down Obama’s agenda
Budget battle rife with contradictions

Pelosi: We don't need GOP on budget
Prospects dim for card-check labor bill
Washington Post:
In Afghan War, U.S. Dominance Increasing
NATO Is Likely to Lose Clout
Washington Post:
Director of FBI Urges Renewal of Patriot Act
Portions of Law to Expire This Year
USA Today:
Southern Baptists urge their members to evangelize more
Washington Post:
Idaho teacher sells advertising space on tests
Washington Post:
Stocks Up After Seesaw Session
Upbeat Reports Tempered by Poor Treasurys Auction
San Francisco Chronicle:
DEA raids pot dispensary in SF

Washington Times:
Mortgage fraud cases swamp FBI
New York Times:
Cities Deal With a Surge in Shanty Towns
Boston Globe:
A Harvard dean gets call from Washington
Obama taps Koh for a health post

Washington Times:
Postal chief defends bonuses
Seeks savings in worker benefits

Chinafury at US military report
Report says China is altering the military balance in Asia
UK therapists offer gay 'treatment'

Los Angeles Times:
Orange County sheriff revoking concealed weapons permits
Los Angeles Times:
Some jobless aren't down and out enough to qualify for aid
South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
New cameras in police cruisers can analyze thousands of license tags a day
St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
Missouri Highway Patrol rescinds controversial militia report

Palm Beach Post:
Fla. universities to weigh mandatory health insurance

Denver Post:
Colorado hospital fee draws some GOP support
But one Republican calls it "immoral," saying if Dems want it, they must raise taxes

Houston Chronicle:
Texas may loosen laws on storing guns in cars
Houston Chronicle:
Mexico convinces U.S. to delay border vegetation spraying

Jerusalem Post:
'IAF planes bombed Gaza-bound weapons convoy in Sudan'