Newspaper Roundup for Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14, 2010 - 9:06 AM

Washington Post op-ed:
Sebelius and Holder: Health reform will survive its legal fight

Los Angeles Times:
Pet pantry to dole out meals for needy cats and dogs

Fox News/AP:
Justice Department Sues School for Refusing to OK Teacher's Pilgrimage to Mecca

Washington Post:
Holbrooke's death leaves major void in Obama's Afghan strategy

Fox News:
Green jobs not growing as expected, despite stimulus

Boston Globe:
Teen recipients of federal disability benefits say they feel pressure to avoid work
Don't want to jeopardize vital family income

The Hill:
Huge Senate majority votes to advance $858B tax package; 83-15 vote

The Hill:
Obama's Hawaii trip on hold until Congress finishes its work

Republican Darrell Issa uncomfortable with tax bill

Boston Globe/AP:
Suits asks U.S. military to release rape files
Pentagon refuses to release records that fully document how the problem is handled

Washington Post/AP:
Judge won't block Alaska abortion notification law

Pro-life advocates predicting a banner year
Gain in statehouses and a promising new rhetorical strategy lifting spirits

Sharron Angle launches 'Patriot Caucus'PAC

Los Angeles Times:
McDonald's to add jazzed-up oatmeal to its menu

Boston Globe:
Principal wonders if school, hit by war deaths, should steer students to military
'In time of peace, it’s a great opportunity,' he said

New Jersey Star-Ledger:
N.J. medical marijuana rules proposed by Gov. Christie are deemed too strict by Legislature

Los Angeles Times:
Homeless encampment along L.A. River broken up

Boston Globe:
Nonprofit’s political ad may have violated tax law
Wind farm foe criticized Gov. Patrick in final days of race

Washington Post:
Driver of a speeding airport shuttle van left a trail of damaged vehicles
Muhammad Teshale, 25, of Alexandria, was arrested outside the airport's main terminal

Boston Globe:
State faces a gap as Medicaid use rises

The Hill:
Group files complaint to raise pressure on Senate to repeal 'Don't ask' law

Los Angeles Times:
UC regents seek to cut retirees' pension eligibility and health benefits
Unions are expected to object to the proposal's creation of a two-tier workforce.

Los Angeles Times:
McDonald's databases hacked, customer data stolen

Denver Post:
Colorado's state computer systems fail "hacker" test in cyber-security audit

Denver Post:
Wolverines merit endangered species protection, but must wait

Providence Journal/AP:
$850,000 available in R.I. to combat lead poisoning
Latest phase of a multimillion-dollar agreement between the state and DuPont

Houston Chronicle:
Houston police getting trained to deal with stressed-out war veterans
PTSD awareness training intended to ease potential confrontations between police and veterans

Denver Post:
Gov. Bill Ritter unveils plan to end childhood hunger in Colorado

Fox News:
Michael Steele Seeks Second Term As RNC Chair

Deseret News (Utah):
Budding political student challenges National Republican Committee chairman

Boston Globe:
For $5 and a hike in woods, trees can be cut in N.H. forest

Denver Post:
Beer brewer invites customers to grow their own hops
Urged to donate backyard harvest to AC Golden Brewing Co.

Fox News/AP:
Emanuel to Testify in Chicago Residency Hearing

The Hill:
Sen. Durbin: 'Reasonable people' consider Emanuel a Chicago resident

New Hampshire Union-Leader:
For now, Bedford school to keep controversial book

Baltimore Sun:
Pharmaceutical delivery driver abducted while making his rounds in West Baltimore
Police call robbery 'incredibly thought-out'

St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
State regulators warned salon owners: stop using razor blades on customers' feet
Practice of removing calluses was banned in Missouri last year

San Francisco Chronicle:
Appeals court halts sale of Calif. state buildings

Philadelphia Inquirer:
Inquirer Editorial: Sell drugs or go jobless

Washington Examiner:
Fake congressional lapel pins available at Hill gift stores

USA Today:
More Protestant churches feel economic pain as plate collections drop

USA Today:
Christian hotel owners in court for denying gay couple a bed

USA Today:
Las Vegas welcomes a new megahotel, Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Arizona Republic/Wash Post:
Navy's futuristic electromagnetic railgun could hange the face of naval warfare