NRTWF Accuses AFL-CIO Of Hypocrisy

July 7, 2008 - 8:02 PM

( - National Right To Work Foundation President Reed Larson in Washington accused the AFL-CIO of hypocrisy because of the recent firing of union workers who refused to pay money into union's political fund.

Larson cited the case of US Air mechanics John Masiello and Craig Sickler of Charlotte, North Carolina, who, Larson says, were fired from their airline jobs earlier this year for refusing to pay "into Big Labor's political slush fund." Another case Larson cited was Deena Chacanaca of California City, California, a former Rite Aid cashier, whom, Larson says, was fired for refusing to "pay into the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union's political coffers." Larson believes all three are victims of union political extortion for paying the price for having courage to stand up to organized labor's political spending program.

Larson vowed that the foundation intends to raise $3 million over the next year to provide free legal aid to help Masiello, Sicker and Chacnaca and other workers struggling to reclaim their compulsory union dues that are spent for politics. "In fact, the foundation is currently helping more than 100,000 American workers who attempting to reclaim their illegally seized compulsory union dues for political activities in almost 500 legal aid cases around the country, " Larson said.

He also accused unions of trampling on workers First Amendment rights. "Union officials are not only thumbing their noses at the 62 percent of union members, who oppose the use of their hard earned wages to subsidize Big Labor's political agenda; they are also thumbing their noses at the clear edicts of the US Supreme Court."

Larson also said foundation attorneys have won a series of Supreme Court precedents, including Communications Workers versus Beck, which establish employees right to reclaim their compulsory union dues used for political and all other non-collective bargaining activities. But Larson said, union officials nationwide continually attempt to prevent employees from learning about or exercising these rights.