Ohio Voters Choose Bush

July 7, 2008 - 7:25 PM

(CNSNews.com) - Ohio voters turned out in record numbers Tuesday to give Texas Governor George Bush and Vice President Al Gore overwhelming victories in the Republican and Democratic primaries in the Buckeye state.

Carl Loparo, an official with the Ohio Secretary of State's office told CNSNews.com, "From our initial reports, voter turnout was high today in Ohio. We're looking at record levels of voters going to the polls."

With all of the precincts reporting, Bush took 58 percent of the vote, compared with John McCain's 37 percent and Alan Keyes' 4 percent.

Gore received 74 percent of the Democrat vote and former Senator Bill Bradley garnered 25 percent.

Ohio is considered one of the top three prizes among the 16 states voting on "Super Tuesday," along with New York and California. Ohio will send 170 delegates to the Democratic National Convention and it will send 69 delegates to the Republican National Convention. In Tuesday's voting, Gore took 112 delegates to Bradley's 34. Among the Republicans, Bush received 63 Ohio delegates and McCain took 6.

Ohio is among the states that award delegates on the basis of who wins in each individual congressional district.

Exit polls in Ohio show that Bradley did best among voters who made up their minds on Tuesday. On the Republican side, an exit poll indicates that nearly half of Republican voters thing McCain attacked Bush unfairly in the days leading up to the primary. Just a third of the voters said Bush's attacks on McCain were unfair.