OJ Simpson's Temper Flares During TV Interview

July 7, 2008 - 7:02 PM

(CNSNews.com) - OJ Simpson was on the offensive in a rare television interview on Thursday on the Fox News Channel. He accused his dead ex-wife's sister of living off welfare and his own money. He also disputed reports that he had ever taken a lie detector test.

Simpson also told Denise Brown that his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, feared her sister would try to seduce him.

"I think she was afraid you were going to have sex with me," Simpson said after Brown accused him of keeping Nicole and her apart.

"You murdered Nicole and you know you did," Brown responded. "You are a pig. You are pathetic."

Simpson called the Fox News Channel during anchor Shepard Smith's interview with Brown and polygraph expert Ed Gelb. Simpson recently announced he would take a lie detector test for a Pay-Per-View television program in order to prove his innocence.

Gelb claimed on the air that the attorney-client privilege prevented him from discussing the polygraph test, but Simpson claimed he had never met Gelb outside of informal social gatherings.

"I never met Mr Gelb, and I know I never said I was with him," Simpson shouted at Smith. "What you said is all fiction. You are a liar. You gave bogus information to the public."

After more harsh words, Smith apologized and Simpson accepted the apology. The FNC anchor then asked Simpson if he missed his wife. "Yes, I do," Simpson replied.

Smith said he didn't sound like someone who was remorseful. "You sound angry," Smith challenged.

"I am angry - at you," Simpson fumed. "That's why I don't do these network interviews. They mince what I said."

An irate Simpson railed against reports that a lie-detector test he reportedly took two days after the murders had been stopped midway through by Simpson's attorneys because he was failing the test.

"It is impossible for someone observing a lie-detector test to be able to tell if the guy was lying in the middle of the test," said Simpson, denying Gelb had ever administered him a test.

Gelb agreed with Simpson, but he wouldn't comment further because Simpson refused to release Gelb from the attorney-client privilege. Simpson insisted, however, he had no attorney-client relationship with Gelb.

Simpson also was furious that Brown and Smith doubted his intention to dedicate proceeds from the Pay-Per-View program to charity. Simpson said that he would only publicly submit to a lie-detector test if the results, which he said would prove his innocence, would release him from having to pay out lawsuits against him.

"If I'm not going to benefit, I'm not going to be some dancing monkey for you guys," Simpson said when Smith asked him if he would take the test.

Simpson challenged Brown to compare financial records, accusing her of making money off of Nicole's death. He also denied testifying during the trial that Gelb had participated in administering him a lie-detector test.

Simpson's attorney, F Lee Bailey, announced on Wednesday that Simpson would publicly submit to a polygraph test if someone would post $3 million cash as a reward to catch his ex-wife's killer.

If Simpson passes the test, the reward money will be put in a trust fund that would provide payment for information about the crime, Bailey said. But if the former football great fails the polygraph, the letter of credit pledging the money will be dissolved, he said.

The results of Simpson's polygraph test reportedly would be made publics regardless of the outcome.