Opinion Poll Finds Most Americans Want Gas Tax Suspended

July 7, 2008 - 8:02 PM

(CNSNews.com) - An opinion poll released Monday finds most American voters surveyed are so fed up with high gas prices that they want the 18-point-4 cents per gallon federal gas tax suspended until prices return to reasonable levels. The polls also found that a majority of voters strongly favor suspending the tax indefinitely.

The Fabrizio, McLaughlin and Associates survey found 64 percent of those surveyed favor suspending the federal gas tax while 31 percent said they were opposed to it.

The gas tax suspension proposal was particularly popular among women. More than 70 percent of women surveyed in all age brackets favored suspending or eliminating the gas tax.

The survey results from women may not bode well for Vice President Al Gore's presidential campaign. Women are considered a key part of Gore's constituency.

When the poll was released, Jim McLaughlin, President of FMA, said, "How does Gore expect to compete for the soccer mom vote when they can't get the minivan to practice without taking out a loan?"

The poll was taken on July 11-13, 2000 among 1,001 registered voters. The margin of error was plus or minus 3-point-1 percent.

Meanwhile, OPEC (Oil Producing Exporting Countries) announced Monday it will pump an extra 500,000 barrels of oil a day if the current high oil price does not fall before the end of this month.

OPEC ministers decided to pump more oil in the wake of worldwide concern over the escalating price of crude oil, which has climbed from $10 to $30 a barrel in the past 18 months.

During a House floor speech on Monday, Representative Jim Gibbons (R-NV) said America's dependence on foreign is "at an all-time high" and blamed Clinton Administration policies for it.

"For eight years the Clinton-Gore Administration has refused to address and reduce our dependence on foreign oil to prevent foreign oil fixing schemes. Instead, the administration continues to support oil-producing countries even though they blatantly band together to raise oil prices, and now American families are paying for the administration's actions.

"Our hard-working families should not have to sacrifice their livelihoods just because the administration refuses or fails to stand up to foreign oil-pricing nations," Gibbons said.