P-FOX: No Evidence Homosexuality Biological

July 7, 2008 - 8:02 PM

Alexandria, VA (CNSNews.com) - There are no homosexuals - only homosexual behavior - and this behavior can be changed. That message, from a group of psychologists and clergy, was delivered to the parents and friends of people involved in the homosexual lifestyle, at a weekend conference in Alexandria, Virginia.

"There's a tremendous amount of misunderstanding surrounding homosexuality. I call it the mythology about homosexuality," Richard Cohen, a psychotherapist and author who participated in the event, told CNSNews.com.

"There is no scientific data that substantiates a genetic or biologic basis for same-sex attraction. Anybody can change," said Cohen, a former homosexual who has been married for 18 years and says he has "helped hundreds of men and women heal out of homosexuality" during his past 12 years as a psychotherapist.

Together with other health care professionals and clergy members, Cohen spoke to members of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays, or P-FOX, a nationwide Christian group that provides "hope, healing and support for families and friends affected by homosexuality," during their fourth annual get-together in Alexandria on April 28-30.

Joe Dallas, a nationally-renowned speaker and author on homosexuality and also a former homosexual, told attendees a greater danger to society than the sexual behavior that makes headlines is the demand for a "monolithic viewpoint" on homosexuality, as espoused by many homosexual activist groups.

Dallas warned against what he considers totalitarian thinking. He said forty years of activism by homosexuals and their allies have put traditional families on the defensive. Now, according to Dallas, traditional family supporters are asking if there is no room for a different viewpoint on homosexuality - the same question put forward by homosexuals when the debate became public four decades ago.

The important political question now is, "Who is going to decide in our culture who will be heard and who won't," he said.

Dallas also faulted the "double standard" of some Christians who condemn "homosexual sin" as worse than any other.

"I wish we were as upset about gossip in church as we are about homosexuality," Dallas said to applause.

Parents and friends of people who announce they are gay should follow their conscience and comfort levels when deciding what kind of relations they should have with their loved ones, Dallas said.

Acceptance of homosexuals and approval of homosexual behavior are not the same thing, he said, and "to interact with the sinner is not to legitimize the sin." It is okay for people to tell their gay relatives that their beliefs are just as immutable to them as their homosexual relatives believe their sexual orientation is to them, according to Dallas.

Debate on Homosexuality Doesn't Belong in Political Arena

The P-FOX conference coincided with a Millennium March on the Mall in Washington Saturday and Sunday, which witnessed homosexual "marriages" and a message of support by Tipper Gore, wife of Vice President Al Gore, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, at RFK Stadium on Saturday.

Regina Griggs, P-FOX national director, told CNSNews.com it was hypocritical of Gore to say she supports family values while endorsing organizations that promote a lifestyle that claims the lives of more than half of the men and women involved in it.

"There is a way," Griggs said. "Science has proven there is no gay gene. It's a family situation, a family issue we should all be working on."

Tipper Gore and other prominent political figures who solicit campaign contributions from homosexual groups in return for promises for legal action and the enactment of hate crimes legislation are either ignorant of or ignoring hard facts about homosexuality, P-FOX speakers said.

"They have been enrolled into the mythology that 'people are born this way' and 'people cannot change.' This is not a political or a civil rights or a human rights issue. It's a moral issue and an issue of psychology," Cohen told CNSNews.com.

"It is our responsibility as people who believe in hope of healing through psychology and the responsibility of the religious community to offer hope and healing to those men and women who wish to change," Cohen said.

"I don't call it the gay lifestyle, but the SAD lifestyle, the Same-sex Attachment Disorder lifestyle. Men are looking for attachment and bonding with their dads through other men and women are looking for attachment and bonding with their mothers through other women. The problem is, sex doesn't heal wounds or fulfill unmet primal needs," Cohen said.