Pro-Life Group Trying To ?Educate? Philanthropist Bill Gates

July 7, 2008 - 7:02 PM

( - While Bill Gates gives a keynote address at the Streaming Media West 99 conference at the San Jose (CA) Convention Center on Tuesday night, December 7th, an American Life League affiliate, California Right to Life (CRL), will be distributing literature to help conference attendees understand that Gates' charitable foundation funds population elimination in developing countries through abortion and sterilization.

ALL, with its national headquarters based in Stafford, VA, says it is concluding a 13-week "Windows to the Truth" ad campaign in Gates' hometown newspaper to educate him on various population issues. ALL President Julie Brown said, "Bill Gates is a very generous man who intends to help as many people as he can. And, despite the fact that his representatives say he doesn't want to fund abortions, his very own foundation is doing just that. Our challenge to him is to remove funding from population elimination groups like the United Nations Population Fund."

California Right to Life President Camille Giglio will lead the pro-life literature distribution campaign at the San Jose Convention Center. "I know that Bill Gates loves his children and I feel confident that he has a love for all children, so we must inform him that a good portion of his financial charity is harming many babies. If he knew what we know, he would change his donation habits," Giglio said.