Pro-Life Groups Launch Expectant Mother Program

July 7, 2008 - 7:02 PM

Washington ( - To a number of pro-life organizations Y2K doesn't stand for the millennium computer bug, it stands for 'Yes to Kids.'

In Washington on Wednesday, The American Life League (ALL) and Concerned Women for America (CWA) announced the 'Yes to Kids' campaign, which hopes to publicize the many alternatives to abortion that are available to pregnant women nationwide.

"A young lady facing an unplanned pregnancy does not have to suffer an abortion, There are caring alternatives," CWA spokesman Rita Thompson told

"For today, Y2K means 'Yes to Kids,'" said ALL co-director Judie Brown. "We're simply reaching out to moms in need to let them know that we're here to help in every way we can," Brown told

ALL spokesman Steve Sanborn said that his organization is launching a national appeal to pro-life organizations to increase the lines of communications between expectant mothers and pregnancy help centers by publicizing telephone numbers such as Care Net - 800-395-4357, Heartbeat International - 888-550-7577 and America's Crisis Pregnancy Helpline - 800-672-2296, where expectant mothers can get help.

"For every abortion clinic there are four pregnancy help centers," Sanborn told

Thompson said that according to a survey sponsored by Women Exploited by Abortion (WEBA), 90 percent of women who have abortions indicate they would have preferred other options, but were unaware of them.

"Furthermore, 95 percent of women who have had an abortion confess that they would never have another one," said Thompson.