Pro-Life Groups: UN Population Rhetoric Masks Abortion Efforts

July 7, 2008 - 7:02 PM

( - Pro-life groups say that the United Nations' venture to highlight the birth of the so-called six billionth baby on earth is part of an orchestrated movement with abortion providers to implement public policies which promote abortion as a way to control the size of the world's population.

But observers say the UN, in conjunction with groups whose agendas advocate abortion rights, is attempting to exert control over the very ends of the earth by advocating the implementation of abortion rights policies.

"Reproductive rights is the new population control language," said Austin Ruse, spokesman for the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute. "There's a general understanding, at least in the popular media, that 'population control' is coercive, so they had to find a new angle in order to reduce fertility and population in third world countries."

"Make no mistake about it, coercion goes on every day all over the third world in regards to population control," Ruse said. In China, it's the one-child policy and forced sterilization that he said also occurs in Peru and other countries. "It's population control all gussied-up in reproductive rights language."

"This is the largest power grab that the world has ever seen," said Ruse. "The idea that a few people in New York will direct the intimate lives of every man, woman and child in every tiny village all over the world. This type of direction from one small group of people has never been attempted before."

"The UN is clearly playing this up in order to gain more money and more power - more money from the developed world and more power over the direction of the societies in the developing world," said Jerry Taylor, director of the CATO Institute's Natural Resources Studies.

Taylor said the birth of number 6 billion "is something to celebrate, not something to worry about. People aren't dying as early as they used to." The reason we have more people on Earth is that "people aren't dropping like flies anymore - that's something to celebrate."

Right to Life's UN representative Jeane Head said the movement is an effort to coerce the public into believing there is a population crisis. "I think what they're trying to do is scare everybody into thinking that we have to decrease the population particularly of the developing world. And the primary way they see of doing that is through promoting abortion," she said.

"Their definition of "reproductive health," whether they'll admit it or not, includes abortion," Head added. "The western world has known for over forty years how to stop maternal mortality. It was not legalization of abortion. It was the advances in medical science and the improvement in maternal healthcare."

"It's classic fear-mongering," said Janet Parshall, chief spokesperson for the Family Research Council. "The bottom line is 'Welcome baby six billion, may you have many more brothers and sisters.'"

"This is a back-door entrance for abortion," Parshall said. Reproductive rights "is an oxymoron."

The UN is concerned about what it sees as the environmental and societal dangers of overpopulation. Its efforts included encouraging hospitals around the world to designate a symbolic 6th billionth baby of their own. "Other plans include the launch of books, CD-ROMs, Web sites and media campaigns on the six billion milestone," according to a UN statement released today.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, on an official visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, made a planned visit to the maternity ward at Sarajevo's Kosevo Hospital where the symbolic 6 billionth baby was born. Annan announced a $50,000 donation to the hospital.

"The birth of Sarajevo's Baby Six Billion will resonate far beyond this city, or country or region," Annan said. "The world at-large is being transformed by a population growth that has seen the total population double within four decades."