Pro-Lifers Plan to Attend Abortion Rights Rally

July 7, 2008 - 7:03 PM

Washington ( - Women's groups advocating abortion rights are holding a rally in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, but the attendees may be more diverse than what the organizers wish for.

Besides abortion rights advocates, women's pro-life groups will be on hand to offer a competing view of choices life has to offer women.

"Many of us will be standing out there this Sunday during their event as women-mothers, daughters, sisters and wives-to speak for those women who do not agree with their deadly agenda," Katie Mahoney, communications director for the Christian Defense Coalition, said at a Washington press conference Thursday.

"It is a misnomer to use the term 'women's groups,' as if radical feminists represent all women," said Wendy Wright, director of communications with Concerned Women For America, a national conservative public policy organization.

Groups like the National Organization for Women, the Feminist Majority and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and other organizers of the pro-abortion event, "represent a mere faction and fraction of society," Wright said.

"Radical feminists...are devoting their lives to gaining more money and power for themselves," Wright charged, "many times at the expense of other women who are not part of the elite crowd."

"Women want real choices and they want children," said Cecilia Royals, president of the National Institute of Womanhood. When a woman examines the platter of choices offered by the pro-choice lobby, "she finds it is limited to contraception, abortion and sterilization."

Feminist groups try to falsely portray womanhood as a choice between career and children, Royals said. Women also want to serve their faith, family, friends and fatherland, and be athletes, scholars, professionals, entrepreneurs and mothers, she said.

Christopher Yablonski, a researcher for the Capital Research Center, noted that liberal pro-abortion, feminist groups are able to promote their agenda thanks in part to taxpayer funding.

"CRC has examined the funding sources of NOW and the eight other feminist groups that are participating in this Sunday's rally," said Yablonski, and "we have found that seven of the sponsors or their affiliates...have together received at least $48.4 million in taxpayer money during the last five years."

"Our objection is not to NOW and Planned Parenthood and the other groups expressing themselves," he added. However, Planned Parenthood, the group receiving the lion's share of federal funding, "is also a vocal political advocacy group," said Yablonski.

"Federal money for an organization's activities allows it to spend its own funds on other activities. Taxpayers effectively subsidize Planned Parenthood's activism," he said.

Also planning to attend Sunday's counter-rally are representatives of the nonprofit groups Rock For Life (a division of the American Life League), Youth for Life, the Christian Defense Coalition, and United Families International.

NOW, Feminist Majority and Planned Parenthood did not return calls seeking comment.