Protesters Call for Giuliani's Resignation

July 7, 2008 - 8:02 PM

( - More than 2,000 protesters marched three miles on Friday morning, from Brooklyn to City Hall in Manhattan, demanding the resignation of Mayor Rudy Giuliani over a series of police shootings of unarmed black men. In addition to attacking the mayor verbally, some protesters also criticized the New York City Police Department.

Carrying signs and chanting the names of Patrick Dorismond, shooting victim Amadou Diallo, who was shot and killed last February by four white officers, and Malcolm Ferguson, who was killed during an undercover drug investigation, the group also shouted "Giuliani must go."

Some of the signs portrayed the mayor as the devil while others compared him to Adolph Hitler. "Giuliani Violates Human Rights," "Giuliani Is the New Hitler," and "Stop and Frisk Giuliani...Book Him for Racism," read some of the placards.

After each of the shootings, the mayor came to the defense of the officers involved in the incidents and, after the Dorismond shooting, Giuliani released information about the man's criminal record, including sealed information detailing juvenile crimes.

Some marchers also urged the mayor's defeat in the November US Senate contest where he is expected to face the challenge of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. While recent local polls show Giuliani doing poorly in New York City, statewide polls show the race as a statistical dead heat.

At a city hall rally, Marie Dorismond, whose brother was shot outside a Manhattan bar, told the crowd, "You all have got to vote...all of this means nothing if you don't vote. One vote will make a big difference. I'm tired of crying for black brothers."

Prior to the rally, Guiliani said, "People have a right to protest. I really have no problem with that at all, as long as they do it peacefully."