Right to Life Group Calls Abortion Decisions "Disastrous

July 7, 2008 - 7:02 PM

Washington (CNSNews.com) - On the 27th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision of legalizing abortion the president of National Right to Life told CNSNews.com in a press conference that the Roe vs. Wade was "disastrous" decision that has had broad ramifications across the American scene.

"The support for Roe vs. Wade is slowly crumbling and support for abortion on demand is slipping," Wanda Franz told CNSNews.com as thousands of anti-abortion protestors began assembling a few blocks from the White House to mark the anniversary.

Citing recent statistics from the Center for Disease Control, Franz said that abortion numbers are declining indicating that "Roe v. Wade is in a slow process of disintegration."

"While very slow this process nevertheless the inevitable result of its fatally flawed logic and its lack of Constitutional foundation," said Franz.