Schlafly Appalled at New Teen Fad: Is This the Bill Clinton Legacy?

July 7, 2008 - 7:02 PM

News Release
"What's The Big Deal? President Clinton Did It."

ST. LOUIS, Mo. --- Phyllis Schlafly, President of Eagle Forum pointed to a front-page article in today's Washington Post as a tell-tale sign of the Bill Clinton legacy. The shocking article reveals the growing fad of middle school-aged children engaging in sex. The article also notes that the trend of this behavior has risen within the last year.

"This is the legacy that Bill Clinton has left to our country," said Mrs. Schlafly. "This is the role model that is shaping this immoral behavior by children. It is no surprise that this trend is the fallout of Bill Clinton's unacceptable behavior."

The Washington Post article further references a human sexuality consultant to 15 schools in the Baltimore-Washington corridor who acknowledged this rising trend as well as a middle school guidance counselor who acknowledged the trend as "la mode de la sex" for early teens.

"Anyone who disagrees with the fact that Bill Clinton has shaped this behavior, only needs to read one quote from today's article that came directly from a young girl: 'What's the big deal? President Clinton did it,'" Schlafly concluded.

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