Survey: Limbaugh's $250 Million Deal Worth It

July 7, 2008 - 8:03 PM

( - The recent deal between broadcaster Rush Limbaugh and the Premiere Radio Network, reportedly earning Limbaugh $250 million for an eight-year contract, is going over well with fans of his weekday show, according to an Internet survey.

People responding to a Cybercast News Service poll overwhelmingly approve of the size of the deal, with 76% saying eight more years of Limbaugh's program is worth the record-breaking sum.

Another 19% said they did not think the broadcaster's show was worth the price tag, and 5% said they don't listen to the program or were uncertain.

The survey included 633 responses between July 18 and 19. The poll is not considered scientific, but reflects the opinions of readers. The news service tallies an average of 2.5 million hits per week, according to the most recent Webtrends Internet audience hit report of July 12-18.

Limbaugh's mid-day talk show, which is heard on some 600 radio stations nationwide, is the most listened to talk program in the country, according to data collected by Talkers Magazine, a broadcasting trade publication.