Susan Sarandon: ‘You Never Hear Anybody Robbing Stores When They’re Too High’

April 22, 2013 - 11:18 AM

Susan Sarandon

Actress Susan Sarandon (AP Photo)

( – Actress Susan Sarandon on Wednesday advocated the decriminalization of marijuana, arguing that people who are high on marijuana are not a threat.

“I mean marijuana doesn’t—you never hear anybody robbing stores when they’re too high. They don’t drive cars. I mean alcohol causes more damage to your body, so it’s just a hang-up from ignorance, and it’s become politicized also,” Sarandon said on Huffington Post Live.

When asked if she thought that the U.S. was at “some kind of a tipping point” on the legalization of marijuana, Sarandon responded, “Yeah, we are.”

“I think we are, because it’s about education, and baby boomers know that it’s not a gateway drug, and it’s not going to kill you and all those other things,” she said.

Meanwhile, two people were shot during a pot celebration in Denver, Colo., Saturday – the first of its kind since Colorado and Washington state legalized marijuana.

“Group smoke-outs were planned Saturday from New York to San Francisco. The origins of the number ‘420’ as a code for pot are murky, but the drug's users have for decades marked the date 4/20 as a day to use pot together,” the Associated Press reported.

Not only did Sarandon say she would “like to see everybody be able to smoke pot,” she predicted that legalizing marijuana would result in increased tax revenue for the states that have legalized it.

“You’re allowing drug cartels to make money, and if you taxed it, we’ll see what happens in these states that have passed it. You would have a lot of income. I mean Colorado has done studies. It could completely save our ass if we legalize just marijuana,” she said.