Taking Back the Culture Starts at Local Level Say Conservatives

July 7, 2008 - 8:02 PM

Arlington, VA (CNSNews.com) - Finding themselves in the unlikely role of counter-culturalists, conservative lawmakers and policy makers Friday urged CPAC attendees to get active at local and national levels and take back the culture from liberals and homosexual activists.

"Out culture will not be reclaimed by Washington, but by communities across the country," said Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS).

Brownback said conservatives should identify indicators they want to change in their communities, such as teen pregnancy or teen suicide, and reduce that by a certain percentage over a set period of time.

Brownback urged people to cite statistics to change policy. "The welfare program as we knew it was a disaster and we changed that by citing statistics," Brownback said.

Divorces have been reduced by significant numbers in communities where marriage counseling is practiced, he cited as an example. Brownback also called on conservatives to be active in the arts and universities, and in traditionally liberal bastions such as Hollywood.

"We need conservatives at Harvard and at Hillsdale," he said. "We've abandoned these institutions to people who don't believe in truth."

Janice Crouse of the Beverly LaHaye Institute said conservatives should take a leaf out of the books of Mothers Against drunk Drivers, whose activism greatly reduced the incidents of drunk driving on the road, or of the anti-tobacco lobby, which forced smokers out of public buildings.

"Relying on traditional social action might prove to be slow going, but it will be successful in the end," she said.

Crouse described President Clinton as "a hollow man standing in the middle of a wasteland."

Midge Decter of the Heritage Foundation condemned the culture that has granted easy victories to homosexual activism, which "has cut through the liberal culture like a knife through butter."

She strongly rejected the "terrible narcissism" of homosexuality, which she said was "the next best thing to loving oneself alone."

Decter rejected the suggestion that homosexuality is innate and that homosexuals should be given minority status. Instead she said the policy of live and let live that used to prevail in the United States now is replaced by a radical homosexual agenda that demands nothing less than complete acceptance of this lifestyle.