Would 'Gay Rights' Bill Lead to Mother's Day Ban?

July 7, 2008 - 7:03 PM

(CNSNews.com) - A family values group is challenging proposed "gay rights" legislation in Michigan, saying it may eventually be interpreted as grounds for banning Mother's Day celebrations. Under the law, conservatives fear, Mother's Day might be construed as discriminatory against homosexual relationships.

"While it is tempting to pose this question tongue-in-cheek, unfortunately, this is not a joke," said Gary Glenn, president of the Michigan chapter of the American Family Association.

"Homosexual activists are now seriously demanding that their special rights include taking away the special recognition and honor the rest of us give out to mothers, which is yet another outrage we risk bringing to Michigan if the legislature gives homosexual activists' political agenda the force of law," Glenn said in a written statement.

A New York City school, Rodeph Sholom Day School, recently banned Mother's Day and Father's Day celebrations in an effort to protect the feelings of children raised by same-sex couples.

"At this time, these holidays are not needed to enhance our writing and arts program," school officials said in a letter to parents.

The letter said the school was made up of different family structures and felt the holidays served no "educational purpose and are not vital to the children's educational need to be evaluated in terms of their importance in a school setting."

Glenn sent an email Friday to state Reps. Chris Kolb and Patricia Godchaux asking them, "Is there a risk that House Bill 4661, if enacted, may eventually outlaw the observance of Mother's Day in Michigan?"

Although Godchaux said she never read the email, she replied, "The Elliot Larson bill, which is Michigan's civil rights bill, deals with recognizing people's civil rights. I don't know how that has anything to do with Mother's Day."

Godchaux added, "The piece of legislation that I've introduced would add two categories of people you couldn't discriminate against because they belong to the categories, and one of them is because of somebody's sexual orientation and the other one is because of any disability they have. Now, I don't see how that has anything to do with Mother's Day."

Glenn said it boiled down to an ever-growing homosexual activist movement.

"So-called gay rights legislation all across the country takes many forms, but all such language purports to ban so-called 'discrimination' against individuals involved in the homosexual lifestyle, and this week, homosexual activists set a new precedent in demanding that the celebration of Mother's Day be included in the definition of 'discrimination'," he said.

"So as we have seen across the country, Christmas programs and other standard fare of public schools and cultural recognition removed from the public square, it appears that we are on the path towards homosexual activists demanding that celebration of Mother's Day be removed from the American culture. And I think that's an indication of just how radical homosexual activists are in their intentions to remake American society in their image," Glenn said.

Rep. Chris Kolb could not be reached for comment.