Ad Campaign: 'Walk of Shame' Handbag, Shoes for ‘Husband Hunting’

August 5, 2014 - 12:15 PM

The shoe company Nine West thinks women are looking for shoes for "starter husband hunting," a handbag to tote flip-flops in the "anticipatory walk of shame" and heels to celebrate "drunch" (drunk at lunch, for the uninitiated.)

The "starter husband hunting" ad features an arrow through a target and a prominently placed strappy leopard-print heel.The New York Times reports that the ad campaign will appear in the September issues of InStyle, Glamour, People StyleWatch, as well as Nine West's 600 stores.  There will also be window and table displays with "the irreverent occasions in the ads."

Walk of Shame Handbag

'Walk of Shame' Handbag

"We have to change the way we talk about occasions because women are modern now and shop for a different reason. 'Starter husband hunting,' for example, might once have been called 'night-on-the-town' shoes," said senior vice president of marketing Erika Szychowsk to The New York Times.

Nine West also proudly proclaims it's "got a shoe for" the "first day of kindergarten" when "it hits you, Mommy now has the weeks off. Wipe those happy-sad tears." Mommy has weeks off - really? (And also, apparently, disposable income for a new pair of heels?)

In what world?

Maybe, the world where wearing heels of the red, black, strappy, animal-print variety are most likely to land you "Mr. Right, or Mr. Right Now," as this tacky ad campaign proclaims.